Greenball 3.5

by Jel

Courtesy of Fieldwerk Recordings:

"With the release of Greenball 3.5 on Fieldwerk Recordings, Jel has further established himself as one of the most solid producers of our time. Each song— crafted on a SP1200 and meticulously laced with live MPC drums, leading to an unmistakably distinct feel—features an industrially grimy sound yet the craftsmanship hints at a profoundly nimble dexterity on the pads.

Much like the other Greenball albums, 3.5 slices through the muck and mire like a brooding symphony, but what separates this project from the others is the intensity in which the message is delivered. Songs like "Montro", "Shock Lock" and "Ignition Key" snap hard with crunchy boom-baps, and one would be hard-pressed to call them anything less than classic Jel. "Eclip", "Bloop Bit" and "94's" provide a nice melodic counterbalance to the hard edge, but even those smack with a certain sort of understated venom. Greenball 3.5 sits 13 tracks deep with each song moving hard and fast, which makes putting it on repeat a must."

*Included with the album is a digital download card and slick 11×17 Jel SP1200 poster.