Untitled Three (featuring Jessica Bailiff)

by Odd Nosdam

With the opening single for his forthcoming full-length, Burner - a true debut full length album as opposed to a collection of instrumentals - Odd Nosdam emerges from the smoking ruins of cLOUDDEAD, his brilliant and star-crossed collaboration with Doseone and WHY?'s Yoni Wolf. Evidence of a renewed license to uncompromisingly chase the detours and dictates of his own inimitable aesthetic, Untitled Three is from Burner's early stages, where nosdam borrowed a dusty micro-Moog and began layering melodic lines. And as is true for the rest of Burner, Untitled Three is by turns painstakingly quiet and intensely compressed; it marries rap-raw drums and deep-sea synths, and, in so doing, threads subtle hooks through the rim of one's attention.

Untitled Three commences and closes with duets with Kranky Records vocalist Jessica Bailiff. One is tempted to refer to Bailiff's singing as "unearthly", or, God forbid, " ethereal", but her voice is too consistently passionate for such airy adjectives. nosdam's sound creations tend to defy description, though many stabs have been made: Grooves imagined him as the midpoint between My Bloody Valentine and the Bomb Squad; CMJ suggested "Negativland-meets-Schooly D"; XLR8R somewhat hyperbolically called his work "the most evocative soundtrack ever"; and Splendid declared simply, "Odd Nosdam stands at the forefront of hip-hop's avant-garde." The 13 minutes of additional music on side 2 features Dax Pierson, Jesse Edwards & Jessica Bailiff.